Lawn Care Services

Basically, trimming and edging are essentially the same thing. Edgers are lawn trimmers that are used to mow the lawn around a hard surface such as a driveway or sidewalk. Trimmers, on the other hand, maybe used almost anywhere: on a hard surface, in narrow areas, near planting areas, and so on.

Lawn mowing and edge trimming draw attention to the lines of the grass and planting areas, giving the entire scene a very well appearance.

Open and closed edges are the two types of edges. Open edges, such as those seen around the borders, and, those that are exposed on one side. The closed edge is the line where the grass ends and another surface. Here, 4 Neighbors’ lawn care handles both things differently. 

How we tackle open and closed edges?

  • While, mowing or gardening, we won’t allow anyone to stand on the edges.
  •  We trim the edges using an edger, shears, or electric strimmer.
  •  If the edges have visible flaws, we repair (re-cut) them with a quarter edging tool from top to bottom, the cut should slope outwards (towards the boundary).
  •  To avoid scalping the lawn, we may usually adjust the mowing height first.
  • This keeps the grass roots from drying up and producing unsightly brown margins in a green lawn.

How often should you mow your lawn?

Our primary mowing criterion is to never cut more than one-third of the leaf blade. This usually entails mowing once a week. In other words, it is really true that mowing the grass can be harmful to it, especially if the lawn is trimmed too short in a short span of time. 4 Neighbors lawn care furnish lawn mowing and edge trimming in various location includes Covington, Abita Springs, Hammond, Tickfaw, Franklinton, bush, and, more.

We follow different approaches for both small and large lawns:

For small lawns, we use a pair of long-handled edging blades.  Carbon steel blades are tough and may be sharpened on a regular basis for a crisp clipped edge and they must be coated to prevent corrosion.