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Tree pruning is the selective removal of branches from a tree. The objective is to prune out undesirable branches, enhance the structure and potential growth of the tree. Pruning is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your trees.

A good prune is an investment in both the long-term survival of your plants and the overall appearance and safety of your property.

4 Neighbors lawn care serve their Tree pruning services in multiple towns (Mandeville, Madisonville, Folsom, Bedico, Robert, Loranger, Hammond, Tickfaw, Franklinton, Bush, Ponchatoula, Slidell, and, Lacombe) of Abita springs la.

Is there any best time to prune your trees?

4 Neighbors lawn care, says there is no such perfect time to prune dead, damaged, or unhealthy branches. However, most trees benefit from trimming in the middle to late winter. Pruning during dormancy promotes fresh growth as soon as the weather warms. Because of the lack of leaves after fall, you can quickly detect branches and limbs that need to be removed.

You will get the following benefits by pruning or trimming your trees.

  • No more dead, broken, or damaged branches.
  • It protects your property against potential harm caused by fallen branches.
  • By pruning, you can train your trees to grow as per your wish so that limbs don’t fall through the roof.
  • Give your trees a clean, polished appearance that improves your whole environment.
  • Create a strong foundation for the tree’s long-term viability.

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